Habits to Better Health Challenge

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90% of successes in life come from better habits, not super secret or advanced tactics.

You already know what you need to do to be healthier.

Eat less sugar.

Get more sleep.

Take a walk.

Do pushups.

Yet you're still searching for the magic solution and wondering why the results aren't coming.

The problem is you do not measure anything!

Without that feedback, you'll drift away from your goals and forget what you did last week, let alone months or years ago.

At 25, I was:

❌ Eating a high refined carb diet.

❌ Going to bed around 4 AM.

❌ Not exercising.

Through YEARS of hard work, I've learned that good health requires a long-term growth mindset and documenting your progress along the way.

The chart you see below is my bodyweight since 2014. It shows a picture of the ups and downs.

You must be humble enough to admit minor changes will begin to compound if you stick with them.

Habits make or break your life, and you have full control over them.

Stop looking for quick formula and get on the correct path to a better you!

Join the Habits to Better Health Challenge, and you'll get access to:

πŸ“… Printable Habit Tracker Calendar

πŸ“ˆ Health Tracker Spreadsheets (Weight, Workouts, Walking Distance)

🍳 30-Day Keto Meal Plan

πŸ‘‹ Private Facebook Community

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You'll get a printable habit tracker calendar, health tracker spreadsheets (Excel & Google Sheets), 30-day keto meal plan & access to a private Facebook community!


Habits to Better Health Challenge

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