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Raymond DelVecchio
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Become a master at time management with services you already use like Google Sheets and Google Calendar.

This spreadsheet is the BEST tool I've ever built to boost my productivity. It will help you organize your schedule to get more done.

Watch a demo of the spreadsheet here - https://youtu.be/_jzUZsczkvg

What are the features and what is included?

⏲️ Time Tracker Spreadsheet - Created with Google Sheets

✔️ Fully Automated - Track productive hours from Google Calendar events with ZERO manual input

📊 Stacked Weekly Chart - Visualize your time spent in 3 productivity categories

📧 Monthly Report - Get an email every 4 weeks summarizing your productive hours

📅 Yearly Total - Ensure you reach long-term goals

This is much easier than learning 3rd-party time tracking software where you must press "Start" & "Stop" or micromanage every task.

Just put events on your Google Calendar with a unique tag, and each week this advanced Google Sheet does the time-consuming data entry and calculations for you.

💵 Download it NOW for a one-time cost of $47 and earn more money with your time!

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Time Tracker Google Sheet (integrates with Google Calendar) + a TXT file with instructions.

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